September 26, 2012

10 First // Will Lavigne

Alex Beebe Spent most of the winter filming and living with Will last season. While Alex knows all about Will’ snowboarding he wanted to get to know him a little better. Here are 10 questions from Alex straight to Will.

AB: First fight?
WL: Grade 6th, at school I fought my friend Frank when he tried to steal a ball from me.

AB: First favourite super hero?
WL: Ninja Turtles or maybe the Power Rangers

AB: First favourite villain?
WL: Shredder

AB: First time you got drunk?
WL: Grade 8th, or secondary 2 for us. I drank 3 beers and was wasted, good times.

AB: First time you were arrested?
WL: I was 13. I was playing a game with my friends called “the garbage man” where one of the two hides in a garbage bin and the other guy rolls you around anywhere he wants. My friend rolled me up to a random persons door and rang the bell and left me there. I got out of the garbage bin, realized what was going on and started to run holding the bin behind me. A police car saw us and drove us home and talked to our parents…

AB: First time you went to the Gentlemen’s club?
WL: It was some place in Vermont, I was 18 maybe. I had to sit on a chair and a dancer gave me a lap dance in from of everyone. People were throwing bills at her, she picked up one and put it i my face saying “don’t move”. Then she stood up on the chair next to my lap and slowly sat on my face to go pick up that bill she put there…

AB: How much money did you win or lose your first time at the casino?
WL: I forget, never gone crazy at a casino really, I always lose a hundred bucks or so.

AB: First job?
WL: Doing some tiling in Whistler

AB: First trip overseas?
WL: France in 05, I was 18 and traveling with an english person. I was not speaking much of english but good for me, in France they speak…french.

Alex Beebe