December 7, 2009

201 Mulberry Video Series – Episode 1

This past August Quiksilver teamed up with Autumn Skate shop in New York and opened a 10 day pop-up retail shop with a mini-ramp at the Open House Gallery in the Soho District of Manhattan. Billy Rohan built the mini-ramp, Dave Mims from Autumn set up a skate shop, and together we hosted an art show, a contest, and just let kids skate and hang out for 10 days. Alex Olson, Kyle Leeper, Reese Forbes, Jake Johnson, and Natas Kaupas all flew out to NY to take part in the event and everyone had a good time. This month, will be posting a 5 episode video series telling the story of the 201 Mulberry project. Check out Episode 1 to get an idea of how the space looked and the guys involved.