June 19, 2014

Today Conditions Will Be Perfect on Every Beach

That’s because today, June 20th, is International Surfing Day, and Quiksilver is supporting the Surfrider Foundation to spread the word and share the stoke. Which means we’re asking surfers and non-surfers alike to head to their favorite beach to surf, participate in beach clean up, or just hang out and [...]


Uluwatu Challenge: Bali’s Big Eco Weekend

Have you ever wanted to surf Uluwatu uncrowded? Yep, so have we. Have you ever wanted to surf with legends like Mark Richards, Matt Hoy or Jake Paterson? Or how about Craig Anderson or Freddy P? Or local Bali legends Made Kasim, Ketut Menda, and Made Lana and Quiksilver team [...]


June 16, 2014

A Road Trip to J-Bay

South African Quiksilver team riders Slade Prestwich, Beyrick De Vries, Michael February and David Van Zyl were recently at Supertubes, Jeffreys Bay. As the crew of frothers arrived, so did the swell. The waves turned on as stiff offshore winds and corduroy lines wrapped into the bay resulting in a firing lineup. [...]


June 12, 2014

Maldives Surf Trip with Tom Carroll

As part of the Quiksilver Pro at Snapper back in March we ran a comp where you and a friend could win a trip to the Maldives on board the Ocean Divine with Tom Carroll. The holiday checklist: chef-prepared meals, on-board masseuse, surfing, free driving, fishing, SUP and hanging with [...]


June 9, 2014

Free Roaming, Marc Lacomare

Marc Lacomare just dropped his new clip ‘Free Roaming’, shot in Mexico, Costa Rica and France. When swell hit mainland Mexico’s coastline, Marc was on the first flight to Oaxaca along with teammates Kanoa Igarashi and Matt Banting. Once the boys were all taco’d out, it was time to follow the swell south and get lost in [...]