July 16, 2014

Mikey Wright goes finless

First there was Derek Hynd and recently Brad Domke taking on Puerto Escondido. It seems more and more surfers are having a crack at riding finless boards. Why? Why not. Recently Mikey Wright met shaper Matt Yeates and an afternoon was spent talking boards and watching finless surf clips. Check [...]


July 10, 2014

Matt Banting – Killing it in 2014

Matt Banting is killing it right now. He’s just won his third ASP 6-Star QS comp and the chances of qualifying for the WCT next year are looking pretty darn good. We caught up with Matt in between trips – he’d just landed from South Africa and he’s about to [...]


June 29, 2014

Uluwatu Challenge: Bali’s Big Eco Weekend

Nearly every surfer who visits Bali falls in love with the place – the waves, the culture, the food, the people, the sunsets, the good times. What’s not to love? But over the years Bali has started to deal with a trash problem – and it’s not going away. For [...]