April 18, 2011

Tony Hawk Worldwide Twitter Hunt – 4/23

This Saturday, April 23rd, Tony Hawk will launch another worldwide Twitter Hunt. If you don’t know how it works, it’s pretty easy… Tony rallies a ton of product from some of his brands, his sponsors (Like Quiksilver), and others and hides 100 packages all over the world for a one day Twitter hunt. On April 23rd he will post clues all day long leading people to find the hidden packages. This year looks like the bounty will top the last couple years. Check out the picture below for an idea of what’s up for grabs in this year’s hunt. Want a chance to find one of these hidden packages? Just follow Tony Hawk on Twitter at www.twitter.com/TonyHawk, and stand by for a clue in your area on April 23rd. If you live near San Diego, California rumor has it Tony has something special planned for you guys.