September 28, 2010

Quiksilver and Tony Hawk On The Road – Days 10 and 11

Off Day! Day 10 is an off day in Athens, Georgia. We got into the hotel about 2AM Friday night, and now we have the whole day Saturday to do whatever. The day started off pretty normal… wake up, do some work, take a shower, and head out. Blake and I skated out of the hotel to go find lunch somewhere Downtown and ran straight into Athens PD. You can’t skate in Athens… at all. The guy was nice and let us off with a warning. So we put the boards in the room and started walking. After lunch we ran into the 2 guys driving the Tech Deck van on the tour and they weren’t so lucky. No warning, just the ticket. Sorry guys.

Day 11 we have a demo at the Skatepark of Athens. Only problem is, it’s an outdoor park and we woke up to pouring rain. We drove to the skatepark anyway and found they were doing everything they could to have the demo. The rain finally stopped, so they had a few guys in the skatepark walking around with blowers trying to dry the cement. It actually worked. By the time Tony Hawk and the Birdhouse guys were ready to skate it was almost dry and skateable. Everyone started skating, and then it started raining again. They had to call of the demo. The park was too slippery and someone was just going to get hurt. So the demo turned into an autograph session. Tony got under the bus awning and signed for over an hour. People waited a long time in the pouring rain to get their turn for an autograph and picture. At one point, the safety latch on the bus awning snapped from all the weight of the water and people standing on the sides of the awning got drenched. It was kind of funny, but kind of a bummer. Once Tony had signed all he could Jerome and I climbed on top of the bus (that was sketchy) and did the product toss in the rain. We thought the people in Knoxville were fired up, but the people in Athens stood in the rain for hours and everyone was still happy and having a good time.

We packed up the tents and banners in the rain and made our drive to South Carolina.

Homemade BBQ at the demo

Overview of Skatepark of Athens and the crowd waiting for the demo to start

We got the Tony Hawk SHRED game under the tents so kids got to play the game all afternoon

Derek from Birdhouse getting the shot

Demo time. Tony trying to work around the crowd and slippery cement

Decision time... the park is getting slippery

Kevin Staab signing autographs under the Quiksilver tent

Tony Hawk signed in the rain for over an hour