December 22, 2010

Hawk, McGill, Hosoi, and Staab Get Ready For The Quiksilver All 80′s All Day Vert Challenge

Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, Christian Hosoi, and Kevin Staab 20 years after the glory days of 80′s vert skating get their chance to do it all again…. for one day at the Quiksilver All 80′s Al Day Vert Challenge in Orlando, January 7th, 2011.

Come see these 80′s legends skate live at SurfExpo. Confirmed skaters include:
Tony Hawk
Christian Hosoi
Mike McGill
Kevin Staab
Andy Macdonald
Mike Frazier
Ben Schroeder
Buck Smith
Henry Gutierrez
Rodney Mullen
and more!

Is there an 80′s trick you want to see these guys do? Submit your request to and you might win an All 80′s All Day Prize Pack from Quiksilver. Click here to submit your tricks.