January 10, 2012

Featured Artist: Dream Brother

Good news for fans of the late lamented Minneapolis outfit One for the Team: lead Teamer Ian Anderson has re-emerged as Dream Brother, picking up right where he left off, albeit with a somewhat kinder, gentler sound. DB’s debut (free!) digital single features “Haunted Heart” and “Pretty Eyes”, two slices of near-perfect, irresistible indie-pop (the latter featuring a vocal cameo from another fantastic songsmith, John Vanderslice, and the former Paul Sprangers from Free Energy). If this is the first single, we can’t wait for the full-length.

Their debut, Haunted Heart / Pretty Eyes, is out now on Afternoon Records and is available for free download here.

An early demo version of “Haunted Heart” was recently used in a Young Guns Webisode, check it out below: