November 3, 2009

Island Water Sports MIDNIGHT MADNESS

Island Water Sports killed it this year with the Midnight Madness event! Kids had a half day (Thanks to a parents/teacher conference) and were free to create MADNESS!!! The Quiksilver Denim Engineered for Skateboarding dunk tank had Danny Garcia signature denim bean bags getting hurled @ em, while kids were trying to win Quiksilver Signature Cool Max Alex Olson, Reese Forbes & Danny Garcia Denim.

Deerfield’s skate rats were hucking bean bags & trying to knock the target to sink Tanner/Rohman & Skeeter. Even Cheyne Cottrell hopped in there!

Massive attacks were going down on the ramp & around the promo booths! Big ups to the kids who murdered the targets and sank the crew…

All in all it was a huge day for the Island Water Sports crew & thanks for all the support!!