March 5, 2012

Water Guardians in Senegal: Blog Entry 5

Along the drive to Anambe village, our car broke down on the side of the road. We just happened to be next to a family home full of smiling children. I enjoy these parts of adventure because it’s so interesting the people you just happen to meet in the way. And what would a long drive through Africa be without a breakdown?
We waited a few hours with this family while the car problem was being sorted out. I’m pretty sure the locals were extremely surprised to see some white strangers show up, but they were very welcoming to us, from taking pictures to braiding our hair. Tom looked like a baobab tree… a mini version! We received many hugs from all the children whose smiles will brighten anyone’s day. They are all there working together to survive and enjoy every day with only simple things.

To be continued…