April 9, 2012

Water Gaurdians in Senegal

Like all good things, Steph’s travel diary has also come to an end… but there is still more to come and we’ll be soon sharing with you a short documentary of our African adventure and much more!

For everyone involved in this mission this was a live changing trip and our experiences and souvenirs will accompany us forever. I hope you have felt the same. For us this is not the end of a trip, but the beginning of a new path with a refreshed new mind-set…

In the name of the Quiksilver Foundation I would like to thank everyone involved in our Senegal mission this year: our ambassadors, Stephanie Gilmore (4 x Surfing World Champion), Alain Riou (Surfer) and Tom Frager (Musician)… Our image production team: Bernard Testemale and Vincent Kardasik… Everyone at Coeur de Foret: Jérémie et Thibault, Jean Marc, Krim… our guide in Dakar : Pantxo and of course, all the people in Anambe.

Here’s a snippet of what’s to come…

Maritxu Darrigrand

Quiksilver Sustainable Development Director