July 3, 2008

Tim O’Connor’s Blog from Day 2 of the Midwest Skate Tour

I woke up this day feeling like satan himself had urinated in my mouth the whole night before. I eeked my way through life during the majority of this day since I had imbibed way too much moonshine. This is never a good idea EVER and especially the night before you have to skate a demo.

Everybody boarded the RV once again along with Jamey Beeson (our team manager) to head over to the Woodland skatepark where Cosmic was holding a contest and where we’d be doing the demo.


Once we got there they had me hop on the microphone for a bit and MC a little bit of the contest that was Cosmic had organized. The local talent was ripping it and there were a lot of good kids that genuinely impressed me.

Then it was our turn to skate. I was still seeing doubles at this point and I thought I was gonna vomit up my vital organs all over the course in front of everyone. My brain felt like it was placed in backwards and upside down in my head. Luckily I didn’t vomit and I safely cruised around the park without breaking any part of my body to my complete surprise. Justin Brock destroyed the park and did just about every flip trick that’s ever existed over the pyramid. Jake Johnson skated super good too and it was actually a mile marker in his career since it was his first ever demo that he’s ever skated in. Even though it was his first demo ever he skated like a seasoned veteran. Everybody ripped but Justin Brock was the overall winner for this day. He’s good and I like him.

After the demo Alan from Cosmic gave the contest winners their prizes and I was blown away at how much he hooked it up for the top three people from every category from beginner to advance. Some of the prizes included a free board and a free pair of shoes every month for a year. Alan was definitely not being stingy and was hooking kids up bigtime and keeping the scene alive. Alan was also pushing for a new park to be built in Lexington even though the old one isn’t too bad. But he just wants to see something a little more up to date that everybody would be just that much more psyched to skate.

Kudos to Alan for everything and to his wife for holding it down in Lexington and treating us out of towners extra special-like.

–Tim O’Connor