June 30, 2008

Quiksilver’s siteLA Hosts Triple Canopy Launch Party

Sarah Anderson, the artist in residence at Quiksilver’s siteLA, hosted the creators of Triple Canopy and over 150 LA-area revelers for a launch party and fundraiser at Quiksilver’s siteLA complete with live music, film screenings and lots of free drinks courtesy of Peroni, Jack Daniels, Finlandia Vodka and Tequila Herradura.

What is Triple Canopy, you ask?

Triple Canopy is an online new media magazine that presents writing, art, video, and other creative projects in forms that work with and against the Internet. They deal critically with culture and politics, and the ways people engage them, both online and in the world at large. Their first issue was published on March 17, 2008

Click here to see pictures from the party

The event raised money to produce the third issue of Triple Canopy, which will feature new work by Sarah Anderson’s Sumi Ink Club as well as a pocket-sized printed book (physical objects spinning off of internet content) available as free pdf download or print on demand from lulu.

Triple Canopy at siteLA PosterTriple Canopy at siteLA crowd