May 30, 2008

Quiksilver Skate out of NYC and into Jers


We were up at the crack of dawn (crack of dawn for me is any time before noon) on day 3 of our Quiksilver east coast excursion so that we could move and shake all over the tri-state area. Jake Johnson, Reese Forbes,
Andy Ryan, and myself swung by the Quiksilver shop in Soho for a hot minute to start the day off. Next we took our lives over to Autumn skateshop to say what’s up to some of our fellow peoples over there. Autumn is right there over by Thompkin’s Square Park which is some serious stomping grounds for people skating in NY if you aren’t already aware of such New York City skate scene knowledge.

Quiksilver NYC Soho Store Manager Hunter w/ Tim, Jake & Reese

After this we shot Jake Johnson onto a bus so that he could meet up with the Alien team for a filming mission. He had to go home first to churn some butter in his hometown among the Amish and then shove off to Minneapolis where the Alien team was at. Jake’s an ill skater and is definitely gonna’ have a tasty part in the new Alien video when it comes out. It was good times chillin’ with him and I’ll see him again real soon since we’ve been skating together a lot lately.

Autumn Skate Shop - NYC
Reese, Andy, and myself all hopped into the van and headed south into New Jersey until we stopped in Haddonfield. We went to a shop called Threads & Sleds over there just outside of Philly and chilled with
Conrad & Brian for a little bit. It was the first time I had been to that shop but Conrad was super cool and the shop was lookin’ nice and proper-like.
Thread\'s & Sleds Brian (Far Left ) & Conrad (Far Right) with Tim & Reese

We then ate some local grub and shot out to Philly to pass out for the night.

-Tim O’Connor