May 28, 2008

Quiksilver Gets Ups in NY part 2


Some people were seeking through life the next morning because after all….we were in NYC which has a pretty vicious night life. So day number two was fairly mellow on some levels but the main event was having some delicious morsels of Spanish cuisine with our comrades from Special Sauce. We met up with Josh and Johnny D who made the trek in from Long Island. We bit the hell out of some food together and enjoyed a responsible adult beverage or two. We shot some stimulating conversation all around the table and ended the whole late night meal with some thug hugs, normal hugs, and just good old fashioned hand shakes.
They were cool peoples and it was good times chillin’ with their lives. We then stormed out into the megalopolis for another evening of debauchery in the big apple. One last evening of fun and then I went to
sleep at Reese’s millionaire friend’s house which is in the same building where Beyonce and Jay-Z live. He was a cool human and let me enter into a comatose state at his house. I doubt he’s reading this but
let me toss a high five to H.L. for his hospitality as well.