January 5, 2012

QSW in 2011

Looking back over 2011, I realized that I wore a lot of QSW. So many of them are pieces I’ve used over and over.. and have a timeless, classic element .. thought I’d share a few of my faves from 2011.

I wore my QSW denim jacket no matter where I was or what the weather was like.. a staple!

I layered up when it was really chilly with great QSW outerwear.

I wore all kinds of QSW denim…distressed slouchy, cropped flares, and skinny boyfriends.

QSW jersey pieces were easy go to items.. a skirt while working at home.. or a tunic layered up for a quirky summer day.

White made it into the mix with a classic button up and an open back tank.

And.. QSW stripes worked into some eccentric everyday looks.

It was a great year.. and now on to 2012.. and much more QSW!!!