June 14, 2011

Paris, through rose-colored glasses…

Hello! I’m Anna. I work on Quiksilver’s marketing team for the women’s collections. I loooove working at Quiksilver with all the lovely girls on the women’s team, but I have always had an itch to go out and see the world. Sooo, my husband and I packed up our stuff, put it in storage, and have set out on a year-long tour of the globe. I’ll continue to be Quiksilver’s liason “out in the field” as we explore Europe, South Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. Stay tuned for my posts from the road; and what better way to kick things off than with Paris?! Mais, oui!

With spring having reached its peak and the long warm days of summer creeping in, Paris was in full bloom. On the bustling streets and at sidewalk cafes, along the banks of the Seine and down the Champs-Élysées, Paris fashion was a better sight-seeing adventure than any museum or monument. Who needs the Louvre (don’t get me wrong, because I do love it and definitely paid it a visit to see my favorite sculpture, Psyche and Cupid) when you have beautiful store windows artistically arranged ‘just so’ and hours upon hours of people watching? Add balmy weather, overflowing windowsills of pink geraniums and vibrant fruit and veggie stands, and you had a magical concoction.

One fashion phenomenon that immediately grabbed my attention was pink pants! That’s right, you heard me. Every shade of pink, in every style, from slim fit pale pink denim to cropped raspberry work-wear trousers.

But the rose hues did not end there…it seemed like Paris was Pretty in Pink from head-to-toe…bouquets of cotton candy-colored fluffy peonies, store windows and furniture showcasing pops of pink, hot-pink shoes, watermelon-hued dresses and even the occasional pink Vespa!

Not only did the splash of pink across Paris remind me of our pretty pink Quiksilver logo, it also made me feel like  I was seeing Paris, my first stop on a grand adventure, through rose-colored glasses, literally! But then again, how could you not?

Follow Paris fashion to the beach in Quiksilver’s pomegranite Beachies! Both stylish and cool for a hot summer day. And there are plenty other pretty shades of pink to be found in Quiksilver’s Spring collection if a flirty dress or airy tunic is more your style.

See you in a few weeks when I’ll be reporting from a five-day music festival in the South of France! xo