May 13, 2008

Omar Hassan Interview

Omar Hassan

Birthdate: 9-27-74
Home: Costa Mesa, California
Sponsors: Black Label, Quiksilver, Vans, Rockstar Energy Drinks, Independent

What special quirks do you have when setting up a board? Don’t really have any. No red stained tops.

Recommended reading? Thrasher.

What music have you been listening to? Whatever mood I’m in. I listen to every genre of music for every mood I’m in.

Best live show or concert you’ve ever seen? Devo in ’94. One of the many times they said it was the last time they’d ever play.

What was your first pro graphic? Blockhead, ’89, it was a genie on a flying carpet.

Favorite trick to do? Go fast.

Do you have any pets? A dog named Skools.

Favorite movies? Anything with Chris Tucker, besides all those Jackie Chan ones. All the Jim Carrey movies.

Skate videos that get you hyped to skate: I don’t really watch videos.

Places to eat? Benihaha—anything with tepon tables. Sushi.

Something you could wear everyday: Boxers.

Best place ever to skate: Oregon, all the parks.

TV Shows: Court TV.

When you’re not skating you’re: Suffering from skating and then just surf when I have the chance.

Worst injury: Too many.

First thought when you ripped your head open at the Downtown Showdown: I didn’t know I did. I just thought, “Why did they build this thing so freakin’ low?”