May 20, 2008

Need to Know

Aloha, and welcome to the first installment of Need To Know, our periodic
update on new releases that you really should check out. Watch this space
for regular updates.

So what’s floating our boat, you might ask. Well, try these on for size:

No Age, Nouns (Sub Pop) – From the seedy underbelly of LA’s burgeoning lo-fi
scene comes this decibel-loving duo. On their Sub Pop debut, No Aged invokes
melodic noisemakers from throughout the history of Rock, from the Stooges to
My Bloody Valentine to Nirvana, with a healthy dose of art and highfalutin’
conceptualizing thrown in for good measure. Stream No Age’s track “Eraser” on
the Quik Music page.

The Heavy, Great Vengeance and Furious Fire (Ninja Tune) – Coming straight
outta Noid (yes, Noid), England are The Heavy, a band that seamlessly blends
raw R&B with punk ferociousness. If you caught one of their many sets at
this year’s SXSW fest, you know what we’re talking about. Though we can’t
print the lyrics to “Dignity” in polite company, you should really check ‘em
out. Stream The Heavy’s “Coleen” on the Quik Music page.

Mudhoney, SuperFuzz BigMuff deluxe reissue (Sub Pop)