June 19, 2009

IMAX ART: Phil Roberts begins art for Slater’s upcoming film

Artist Phil Roberts, who is one of the top movie poster illustrators in Hollywood, has been commissioned to create a photorealism oil painting that will be used to promote the upcoming Kelly Slater IMAX film, Ultimate Wave Tahiti.


RESUME: Phil’s big break into the movie advertising industry came in ’82 when a Hollywood art director saw his work featured on the cover of Surfer Magazine and hired him to make the poster for “Hot Dog The Movie,” which ended up being one of the highest grossing comedies in 1984. Not bad for his first gig. Now Phil has over 30 finished movie posters in his portfolio along with 100′s that he has designed for photoshoots. I’d say he’s qualified for the job.


MULTI-TALENTED: Phil Roberts is not just a painter, he also sculpted the Pipeline Masters Trophy and in his studio I found Andy Iron’s trophy that he won back in 2005. It appears Gerry Lopez (lower left) has fallen off the wave and been sent back to Phil for repairs.


INSPIRATION: Phil surrounds himself with visual inspiration he can draw from. He has 30 years worth of magazine clippings, filed away by subject, that he uses as reference material, in this case Kelly Slater and barreling Tahitian waves.


PROCESS: Phil starts by sketching broad poster concepts, which he then presents to his client, in this case Quiksilver and the other film sponsors, to decide which model to go with. After a little more refining of the sketches Phil is ready to begin painting.

****Check back to watch Phil create the final piece!

****Art Lessons? Get tips on drawing a wave and a portrait from Phil.