October 11, 2012

Following The Cocoon Sweater’s Journey To Late Afternoon

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the traveling sweaters! Last time, the Seacrew sweater headed to the South with blogger Juley of Upperlyne.   Now it’s the Cocoon Sweater making the journey, traveling  West to Liz of Late Afternoon.

Sweater weather in Los Angeles definitely doesn’t have the same type of chill as it does in the Northeast, so Liz gave her traveling sweater a cool coastal twist. For a dressier, day-to-night  outfit, Liz paired the gray and black button-up knit with a beaded skirt, white top and red pumps. She topped off the look with a statement necklace, a swipe of red lipstick…and the California sunset, of course.

What’s your favorite way to style the traveling sweater? Grab some inspiration from Liz here and keep an eye out to see where these sweaters end up next!