February 6, 2012

Featured Artist: Xray Eyeballs

For those who like their rock and roll delivered in charmingly sloppy fashion – with a few bonus sneers thrown in for good measure – Xray Eyeballs could be the band of the year. They’re certainly a contender for us. The Brooklyn group’s songs work the dark side of the garage, with off-key vocals and menacingly strummed guitars bouncing off fuzzy bass lines and martial-beat rhythms. If you’re into Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts, or Crocodiles, you won’t want to miss Xray Eyeballs’ brand-new long-player, Splendor Squalor, which is available now on iTunes.

And be sure to check this episode of Pipe House Chronicles, featuring the band’s “Kam Sing Knights”!

X-ray Eyeballs’ Facebook Page
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