January 27, 2012

Featured Artist: Kinch

Writing flawless pop gems is no easy thing, but Kinch make it sound like it’s just another day at the office. With no shortage of catchy melodies, piano-driven hooks, and the occasional giant guitar drop-in at its disposal, this Phoenix-based band has spent the last three years touring the country and winning over the hearts of fans one club at a time.

Kinch have seen their national profile grow steadily thanks to high-profile shared bills with Jimmy Eat World, Calexico, Against Me!, and the Thermals – not to mention the killer records they’ve been putting out on their own the last few years. We’re major fans of the band’s latest album, The Incandenza, now streaming on Kinch’s Bandcamp page.

“Like A Curse” was recently used in a Hawaii episode of Quik Brasil’s Reports – check it out below!