September 27, 2010

Featured Artist: Communist Daughter

Oh, the irony of a band from the frigid climes of Minneapolis being featured in Part 2 of Belly’s Tahiti Blog. Yet that’s where we find our friends Communist Daughter, a co-ed combo that creates folk-infused indie rock of the highest order. Led by singer-songwriter John Solomon, the band recently released its debut, Soundtrack To The End, which ironically is one helluva beginning. The album features contributions from some of the Twin Cities’ best and brightest, including Darren Jackson (Kid Dakota, The Hopefuls), Christopher Mcguire (12 Rods), Al Weiers (Faux Jean) and Dave Boquist (Son Volt). Recently voted the #1 band in the Twin Cities and one of the top 5 emerging artists to watch by Avid, the makers of Protools and M-audio, Communist Daughter would appear to be on a roll and we salute them!

Communist Daughter would like to imbibe a beverage with you.

Communist Daughter - Soundtrack To The End