October 28, 2010

Featured Artist: Chosen Few

Sensing a lack of depth in music produced by their peers, Oakland’s Chosen Few decided to do something about it. The result is New World Symphony, and it might just be their masterpiece. Blending Unjust’s soul and psychedelic rock-laden beats, Cold Showda’s relentlessly aggressive lyrics, and Charles “Chop” Cooper’s masterful instrumentation, it’s an album that blends social commentary, rich emotion and a fun, vivacious flavor. And these guys walk it like they talk it: Unjust works with at-risk-youth, Cold Showda is a mental health counselor, and Cooper is a coach and teacher. “Being that we’re all involved in education and pro-social work, we value certain ideals,” explains Cooper. “Integrity, unity, work ethic, being genuine and innovative.” That sounds a lot like our very own Quiksilver Foundation, and we’re honored to fight the good fight alongside these inspired gentlemen. Hear the group’s track “King Kong” (featuring Del The Funkee Homosapien) in Episode 4 of our recent Young Guns webisodes.

Chosen Few: they won't look down upon you.

Chosen Few - King Kong