June 19, 2008

Day 7: Quik Wake Team Trip To Brostock

Today was the day of all days. First off was the morning session. Not as early as usual. Just 6:00 am. Believe it or not that actually helped a lot to sleep in. Morning ride went smooth. Everyone throwing out hammers left and right. Next was the Liquid Force Brostock Invitaional. The rider meeting alone had me in shock. All the top pros sitting on the front of the Alliance Wake houseboat. Then the competition began. The water was rolly and rough which made the double up contest challenging. Unfortunately our two riders that were in the contest were knocked out by pure bad luck. They were put up against formidable riders that pulled there tricks perfectly. Matter of fact almost all of the usual winners were knocked out in the first two rounds. The finals were full of underdogs. Which made it fun. The winner of the 20k (the biggest purse ever for a double up contest) was Jimmy LaRiche. Congrats Jimmy. The day ended with a musical set from Chuck D of Public Enemy. Unfortunaltely Flavor Flav owns the rights to most of Public Enemy’s songs so he couldn’t perform the best songs. All in all the whole trip was a success. Besides a couple minor snafus. Brostock was off the chain and I’m glad our team made the trip out there. Can’t wait for Brostock 09!!!!!

Just a couple of superstars on the front of this boat.Benny what is that on your face?

Benny doubling up.Collin getting ready to ride.  And the crowd goes wild.Collin going big method.Chuck D. from Public Enemy.  Squint your eyes and you will see him.