May 13, 2008

David Clark Interview

David Clark

Birthdate: May 7, 1986
Home: Atlanta, Georgia
Sponsors: Krooked, NikeSB, Quiksilver, Spitfire, Thunder,
Stratosphere, Roughneck, and Huf

What’s it like skating with Mark Gonzales? It’s the best thing ever! It’s so fun to push around New York through traffic with him, being silly. I get really psyched when I skate with him, probably the most psyched someone can be.

What’s the difference between East coast and West Coast skating?East Coast skating is more fun to watch, it’s less generic and you see more originality.

What special quirks do you have when setting up a board? I have to have Allen head bolts, and the way I tighten the bolts is in an X formation, but that’s it, nothing super weird.

Recommended reading? I don’t read that much but the Thrasher Skate And Destroy History book is very inspiring.

What are some good bands you’ve been listening to? Morrisey, Bob Marley, Radiohead, Rush, Queen, Fleetwood Mac, the list goes on.

If you could have an artist design your first pro graphic, who would you pick? Definitely the Gonz!

Favorite trick to do? Impossibles are herra fun.

Do you have any pets? Dusty! He’s half golden retriever half beagle, the coolest dog in the world. He lives with my mom.

Favorite movies? Reservoir Dogs, Rockers, Apocalypt

Skate videos that get you hyped to skate: Trilogy, Timecode, Bag Of Suck.

Places to eat? Fellinis, La Fonda, Quiznos.

Skaters that have influenced you: Jeremiah Babb, John Cardiel, Reese Forbes, Andy Henrie.

Something you could wear everyday: My MC Hammer shirt.

Best place ever to skate: The foundation in Atlanta with all the homies.

TV Shows: CSI drinking game, Mythbusters.

When you’re not skating you’re: Sleeping.