August 14, 2008

Boom Boom Huck Jam – St. Louis

What’s up everybody? Here’s the latest about the St. Louis show.

This was a great show. The crowd was loving it from the second it started to the second it ended. Mike Relm had the crowd going crazy before the show. Everybody was totally amped once everyone got on the ramp. Jason Ellis kept the crowd raging during the show. Some of the funniest stuff happens when Jason interviews all the athletes for the crowd, especially when he interviews the Motor X guys. It seems like they are all having a great time out there. I had a chance to to talk to Graham Gustin, one of the Motor X guys, a little before the show. He was just telling me about the tour and how he’s loving it, and how he thinks it’s really crazy that he is on tour with Tony Hawk. Super nice guy. Kevin Robinson took a medieval spill on the ramp, but he got up and walked off. I’m sure he’s all good.