April 12, 2011

An Original Rendition

Is it just me, or is Dane Reynolds wearing our Kimono Blouse top below??? OK, so I might be wrong, but it does bear an uncanny resemblance, right???

So besides the time I spend on the QSW blog (not much lately, my apologies), I do have other pursuits. The daily search for inspiration takes me to many places, but I always find time to sneak a peek at Dane Reynolds Marine Layer Productions. So imagine my surprise the other day, when I found Dane and his girl paying their respects to Japan with this lovely and very original rendition of Louie Louie.

I mean, everyone knows I’m a kid in a candy store at Quiksilver, but this one took me by surprise. We sort of hoped we would get Dane’s girl in some clothes, but Dane himself in the Kimono Blouse…come on!!! Dane Reynolds!!! Just a thought Dane, but I bet if you bang out another rendition in the Story Maxi, you’ll really set the keys on fire (Although I must agree that the Kimono Blouse was the perfect ensemble for this noble endeavor). Seriously, all kidding aside, thanks for the continued inspiration and for feeling so in touch with your inner female. Another care package is in the mail…