May 13, 2008

Alex Olson Interview

Alex Olson Interview

Why did you decide to ride for Quiksilver? I liked the clothes and had some friends that rode for the company.

What’s one thing you have in common with your dad? Skating is one of many.

What’s one thing you don’t have in common? Losing my hair.

What special quirks do you have when setting up a board? All the wheels on my board need to be on one side.

Recommended reading? BBC News.

What music have you been listening to? This band called Soulwax.

Best live show or concert you’ve ever seen? Morrissey.

If you could have any artist design your first pro graphic, who would you pick? Charles and Ray Eames.

Favorite trick to do? Going fast.

Do you have any pets? No, but I’d like a dog.

Favorite movies? Purple Rain, The Big Lebowski, American Psycho, Super Bad—there’re more, I just can’t think of them.

Skate videos that get you hyped to skate: Any AVE part or Cardiel part.

Places to eat? Jones on 3rd.

Skaters that have influenced you: AVE, BA, Dill, Carroll, Gino, Sheffy, Cardiel, Gonz, Reese Forbes and Julien.

Something you could wear everyday: underwear.

Best place ever to skate: That’s only in movies.

TV Shows: I don’t watch TV really.

When you’re not skating you’re: Trying to become an adult.