June 21, 2011

A Deeper Shade of Blue has First Hawaiian Screening Under Full Moon


Jack McCoy’s epic film on surfing has had its Hawaiian premier at the Maui Film Festival under the full moon this past week. A Deeper Shade of Blue was chosen to open the 12th annual event at the majestic outdoor Celestial Cinema on the grounds of the Wailea Golf Course. This grand 40 by 30 foot screen is erect each year on the Emerald Golf Course overlooking the Lanai Molokai Chanel. Limited seating isn’t a problem and neither is power. “We like to say our festival is ‘under the stars, lit by the moon and powered by the sun.’ We power that whole thing with solar power,” said Festival Director Barry Rivers.

With close to 3,000 attendees making this the first screening of A Deeper Shade of Blue in the Hawaiian Islands the impact to the crowd was electric. “This is a film about what surfing is, where it came from, the evolution of the surfboard and the Polynesian creed of Aloha,” explained McCoy, who is a multi award winning director. Jack while at the Festival was the recipient of The Maui Film Festival Beacon Award. This honors a film artist for sharing the infinite possibilities of the commitment to live a life beyond limits, outside of fear, inside of courage and inspired by wonder and to bring the inspiration and that results to millions of people around the world thru their envelope-pushing extreme sports documentaries.