August 21, 2009

201 Mulberry Ramp Photos

It’s Friday, August 21, which means that 201 Mulberry is open for business tomorrow at 11am.  To kick things off we had Billy Rohan of Run My Game Ramp Co. give us a breakdown of the custom-built mini-ramp that sits inside this temporary 2000 square foot home. Says Billy, “The ramp is great for a couple of reasons; the first is that the surface is ramp armor, which is super smooth and poppy. The second is because the ramp is 24′ wide, with mellow transitions, and 4′ tall – so any trick you want to try you can.  Also the addition of having a bank-to-ledge in the middle of the mini-ramp gives you a whole wide range of options to work with. I worked with Jerry Maraz and Curtis Rapp, who are two of the best ramp builders in New York City, and really have mastered their craft well.  We also had the help of Joseph Cruz… This ramp will end up in a New York City park within the next month after we break it down… or possibly a school yard in lower Manhattan. Since it’s been up, I’ve really liked front-side tailslides from the transition to the bank-to-ledge, which is set back perfectly for it.”