October 28, 2011

Featured Artist: Adebisi Shank

Adebisi Shank’s music is a scorching-hot mess. This experimental Irish trio possesses an awesome energy that conjures images of hadron colliders, unearthly supernovas, and gargantuan explosions, and we’re not exaggerating about any of that.

With a swirling sound that compounds through tons of frenetic samples and loops, every Shank song builds to a seemingly unsustainable level of intensity. And although comparisons to Battles are inevitable given how these young Irishmen clearly embrace both technology and overtly prog-metal riffage, Adebisi Shank consistently break new sonic ground by incorporating distinct melodies, chugging rhythms, and no shortage of dramatism into their truly ballistic sound.

“Genki Shank,” from the band’s latest record, This Is The Second Album Of A Band Called Adebisi Shank (Sargent House), was recently used in a Young Guns Webisode. Check it out below!