May 25, 2011

“If I have to do one more hibiscus, I’m outta here…”

Anyone who knows me well has to endure my “pocket documentation” of literally every phase of the creative process with my iPhone.  I think I started this before the Apple kids from Capitola got me to fork out a few hundred bucks every year to stay connected, but it has sure become a lot easier since.  This means two things…

1. My images are usually blurry (my sincere apologies…although the new iPhone 4 is getting better and better)

2. And I have a stockpile of thousands of images of every creative journey I have taken in the last three years.

So the later will come in handy for my Quiksilver posts.  It’s tricky blogging about real-time fashion, when the design process is actually already a year-and-a-half ahead.  I’m working on Autumn’12 and we haven’t even delivered Autumn ’11. So I’ll use this blog forum to continually look back on the creative sparks, inspiring events and “beachie” brainstorms that led up to the current season you should be rushing to your local surf shop to snatch up.  So let’s start with the events of Feb, 10th 2010 at the Laguna Surfing Heritage Museum. Looking back, this is probably the single most influential spark in the direction of our creative process for Quiksilver.  We had the mind-blowing pleasure of listening to Simon Buttonshaw relay, in his own words, the creation and history of Quiksilver.  Simon doesn’t like labels or titles, but let’s just say that he was “there” on day one, and today he’s the artistic epicenter of the brand and a constant source of inspiration and guidance.

Throughout the colorful dialogue, Simon used Quiksilver’s boardshorts to illustrate the different artistic phases in Quiksilver’s heritage from day one in 1969. We literally looked at the earliest canvas styles that the surfing heritage museum had collected all the way through to present day…decades of original art, product innovation and genuine soul.  The best words Simon spoke on this day were…”“THE ART WAS OK…WHAT WAS REALLY IMPORTANT WAS DESIGN INNOVATION, NOT DECORATION…DECORATION IS THE DEVIL”   Finer words never spoken…and this quote adorns the opening spread of our original Quiksilver concept book.

Simon talking shop on Feb 10th, 2010 at the Laguna Surfing Heritage Museum. (This is my George Greenough moment)

A few of the days distinguished “guests”

Simon Buttonshaw at the 1970 World Titles, Bells Beach