Tennille Amor

Tennille Amor, born in Scotland, and having lived all over the world, finally came to realize during her time in Egypt that poverty was a serious problem. Tennille remembers looking over her backyard wall and seeing children her age scavenging through the trash piles for food. At a young age she made a promise to herself that she would one day make an effort to help alleviate the unnecessary anguish. She pursued a career in music and recognized the ability to use her love of music and her career field as a platform to highlight some of the problems being faced by people all around the world every day. In 2005 she and Alexi Panos formed E.P.I.C, Everyday People Initiating Change, a non-profit organization whereby they build sustainable water systems in Africa. Through their partnership with Quiksilver which began in 2008, E.P.I.C. has raised enough money to complete six water wells in Africa. Tennille’s emotionally charged debut album, ‘EVOLVE through LOVE,’ which combines edgy pop/rock with her soulful reggae roots, will be out later this year. It is a collection of songs based on the theme of ‘Love’ in all its forms, from romantic love, to love for humanity at large.